Chicken Creek Coffee Company is located in beautiful Smithers BC which is nestled under the Hudson Bay Mountains.

We are a small batch artisan roaster. We chose to go with a traditional style roaster where we roast by sight, smell and sound. Each roast gets our personal attention. We chose an electric roaster so the customer is assured there are no harmful gases flowing across the beans.

To ensure freshness, coffees are only roasted as orders come in and roasted coffee is not warehoused. At Chicken Creek Coffee Company we carry high quality specialty grade coffee beans from countries such as Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Sumatra, El Salvador and more.

We have a line of retail ready beans or we can assist you in choosing a roast that will suit your taste.

It may be the fresh mountain air that gives our coffees that wonderful flavour.

We are sure you will enjoy our coffee as much as we do.