Green Beans 

We use only the finest Arabica Organic Beans.


Drying Phase 

As beans roast, they lose water and increase in size. 

At lighter roasts, the bean will exhibit more of its origin flavour; the flavours created in the bean by its variety, the soil, altitude, and weather conditions in the location where it was grown.


Medium Roast 

Brings out the body and the richness without covering the acidity (also know as brightness) of the coffee.


Medium/Dark Roast

Coffee flavour and aroma are balanced and very complex. 

As the beans darken to a deeper brown, the origin flavours of the bean are balanced with the flavours created by the roasting process itself. As the roasts darken, the "roast flavour" is becoming more dominant.


Dark Roast

A deep flavour with a very pleasant aftertaste.  It has a lower acidity content.  This roast retains its character and gives you a hint of roast. 


Vienna Roast

The surface of the beans are just starting to glisten with oil and you find Origin Character begin to be eclipsed by Roast Character for a richer flavour.


French Roast

Beans are shiny with oil and roast flavour is the predominate characteristic of the coffee.


Italian Roast

Beans are a deep dark brown colour and the surface is very shiny or oily.  There is a stronger bold roasted flavour to the bean and the acidity is almost gone.